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Group Exhibition

Tanba Sasayama Machinami Art Festival 2022


丹波篠山・まちなみアートフェスティバル 2022

Old Tamba Pottery Museum  (Hyogo, Japan)

丹波古陶館 (兵庫)

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Photo by SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki

The Machiya Art Festival features 46 artists creating geiju spaces in approximately 30 townhouses in a traditional townscape. (text: flyer)

Shibakawa Works

Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Y: Muneyoshi Yanagi's house excavated after 2000 years

This is the second exhibition at the Tamba Antique Pottery Museum, the first being a satellite exhibition at the "Toys Now - Future Exhibition: Hiroshi Fuji and Toshiyuki Shibakawa" held at the Sasayama Children's Museum in 2007. This year's exhibition, the first in 15 years, is themed "The House of Muneyoshi Yanagi Excavated 2000 Years Later," and focuses on Muneyoshi Yanagi (philosopher and aesthete) and his wife Kaneko Yanagi (vocalist), who had close ties with the Tamba Antique Pottery Museum, and is composed of images of the daily lives of Mr. and Mrs. Yanagi in their later years.
When considering one of the social problems of our time, the nursing care issue, the wheelchair is one of the symbols of our time. The memories and experiences of wheelchairs vary from person to person, and the memories of wheelchairs and the people they remind us of may also differ from person to person.
If Mr. and Mrs. Yanagi were alive today, what kind of life would they have led? Masks, which symbolize the current era, and computers and smartphones, which did not exist in the time when Yanagi lived, would have become necessities for him and his wife. In other words, the assumption is that the Yanagi family, revived in the modern age, was excavated 2,000 years later.
From the excavated wheelchair, we can see how Muneyoshi was enjoying his life in a wheelchair and freely and single-mindedly pursuing the path of folk art. On the other hand, the excavated Noh masks and prajna, which were made to look like Kaneko, show her as a devoted wife who supported her husband while taking care of him, as well as her mixed feelings of anger toward her unreasonable husband and passion as a vocalist. The excavated Noh mask quietly observes her husband in his wheelchair as his talents repeatedly clash and resonate with those of Soetsu.
We are sure you will discover something new when you view this exhibition by replacing it with a familiar couple or your own marital relationship. Married couples come in all shapes and sizes, and we hope that you will view this work along with the materials while imagining a relationship that can only be understood by that couple.

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◎会場:丹波篠山市 河原町妻入商家群を中心に (兵庫) 







丹波古陶館では2度目の展示になります。1度目は、2007年に開催された『おもちゃの今〜未来展 藤浩志と柴川敏之』(篠山チルドレンズミュージアム)でのサテライト展示でした。そして15年ぶりとなる今回は、『2000年後に発掘された柳宗悦の家』をテーマに、丹波古陶館と縁の深かった、人間 柳宗悦(哲学者、美学者)の実像と、妻の柳兼子(声楽家)に焦点をあて、晩年の柳夫妻の日常生活をイメージして構成しました。


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