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Group Exhibition

Three hot springs of Mimasaka Art temperature



KATSRAGI, DOT Cafe  (Okayama, Japan)

湯郷温泉かつらぎDOT Cafe  (岡山)


The aim is to create a new cultural and tourist spot with the "Mimasaka Santo" hot spring inn as the exhibition stage. "Mimasaka Santo" is one of the few hot spring resorts in western Japan that retains the nostalgic atmosphere of the good old days surrounded by rich nature. It is set in this area and invites artists from inside and outside the prefecture to exhibit their works, creating and sending out new cultural values that can only be enjoyed in this area. By mixing the perspectives and feelings of artists and the unique history and culture of the region, they hope to develop artistic activities in the deep world of the three hot springs and create new places for meeting and interacting with people and towns through art.
The title of the "Temperature" "Mimasaka Santo Art Temperature" expresses the warmth of the hot spring water, the warm hospitality of the hot spring inn, the movement of the mind after appreciating the art, and other various sensations that can be gained by actually experiencing the art, and expresses the hope that visitors will feel this "Temperature" and discover and be moved by the art work. (text: flyers)
With the theme of "Onsen Museum 2000 Years Later" SHIBAKAWA will exhibit "PLANET CIRCLE (Onsen ruins 2000 years later)" etc. He researched the townscape of Yunogo Onsen and made it appear in the circle that the townscape of Yunogo Onsen will appear 2000 years later. In addition, there is a display of photographs in the glass case, and in front of it, there is a collaboration display of the exhibition materials of the inn and the works of SHIBAKAWA.


◎日時:2016年3月20日(日)ー6月30日(木) 7:00ー24:00
◎展示場所(柴川):湯郷温泉かつらぎDOT CAFE(岡山)


柴川は、「2000年後の温泉ミュージアム」をテーマに、「PLANET CIRCLE(2000年後の温泉遺跡)」等を出品する。湯郷温泉の町並みをリサーチし、円の中に2000年後の湯郷温泉の町並みを出現させる。また、ガラスケースの中には、写真作品を展示し、その手前には旅館の展示資料と柴川作品をコラボレーション展示する。

◎出品作家(全16名):太田三郎、小野耕石、鈴木沙也香、柴川敏之、高松明日香、高本敦基、船井美佐、中島 麦、母袋俊也 他


DSC_0617 9.JPG

Photo by IKEDA Masahiro

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