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Let’s Create Parent-Kid☆the 41st-Century Encyclopedia of Fossils



WOODONE Museum of Art(Hiroshima, Japan)


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photo by SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki

Go, go, go, go, go, go. Let's line up familiar things like mosquito coils and mobile phones, cover them with Japanese paper, and roll them over with a roller with ink. Then, the lined objects transform into fossils (Paper) 2000 years later! We invite Toshiyuki Shibakawa, an artist who has been looking at modern society since the 41 century, to make a fossil picture book 2000 years from now. Fossils are made of familiar objects and interesting objects found in the vicinity of the museum (Snow removers, shrines, etc.), which are rearranged and bound together to make a wonderful book guide. My original 'Fossil pictorial 2000 years later' full of strange shapes can be preserved for a long time and is perfect for summer homework!
Furthermore, on the day of the workshop, Shibakawa's fossil works will be exhibited in the special exhibition 'Beautiful Life Exhibition'. (text: flyers)
*Planning related to the special exhibition 'Beautiful Life Exhibition'


◎日時:2009年8月22日(土) 10:30ー16:30

◎講師:柴川敏之 (美術家・福山市立女子短期大学准教授)

◎内容:コ〜ロコロ、ス~リスリ。蚊取り線香や携帯電話などの身近な物を並べて、和紙で覆って、インクのついたローラーで上からゴロゴロしてみましょう。すると、並べた物が2000年後の化石(紙製)に大変身! 41世紀から現代社会を見つめるアーティスト・柴川敏之さんをお招きして、2000年後の化石図鑑を作ります。身近な物や美術館周辺で見つけたおもしろい物(除雪車、神社など)を化石にし、それらを並べ替えて製本し、素敵な図鑑に仕上げます。不思議な形が一杯詰まった自分だけのオリジナルな『2000年後の化石図鑑』は、ずっと保存も出来て、夏休みの宿題にもピッタリ! 

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Workshop Exhibition



WOODONE Museum of Art(Hiroshima, Japan)


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◎日時:2009年8月23日(日)ー9月16日(水)  10:00ー17:00



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