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Create the 41st-Century Wall Painting☆Challenging Picasso !





Kure Municipal Museum of Art(Hiroshima, Japan)


DSC_0132 2.JPG

photo by SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki

A project related to the Picasso exhibition. First, after we see the Picasso exhibition, we draw a line on the floor referring to Picasso's works. You find your face from the shape of the rope and make your eyes with mosquito coils. After arranging familiar things around it, let's take a engraved print with a roller and ink! After that, he paints from the back of the engraved book while imagining Picasso's work again. The finished works will be filled all over the window glass of the hall on the second floor of the art museum. Then a large stained glass mural like Guernica will be completed. It will be on display until May 6. (text: flyers)◎日時:2008年4月20日(日) 13:00ー16:00 


◎講師:柴川敏之 (美術家・福山市立女子短期大学准教授)


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DSC_0076 2.JPG
DSC_0308 2.JPG
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Workshop Exhibition


PAINTING ☆ Picasso 



Kure Municipal Museum of Art(Hiroshima, Japan)


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DSC_0148 2.JPG
DSC_0332 2.JPG

◎日時:2008年4月21日(月)ー5月6日(火)  10:00ー17:00 



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