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アート入門:ようこそ! 2000年後の世界へ

BB Plaza Museum of Art


Museum Education Study Group 2017 "Minna no Gakumiba" is a study group that considers the possibility of education utilizing museums, which consists of 12 institutions, including museums and art galleries in Akashi, Kobe and Hanshin. Why don't we learn from each other about the various themes that have been devised by taking advantage of the characteristics of each building? We hope that the museum will be used as a place to meet people and connect "thing" such as works and materials, and as a place for education in schools and society. (text: flyers)

We will make "paper fossils" 2000 years from now by using rollers to transfer current products. Let's imagine people 2000 years from now and color them!


◎日時:2017年12月17日(日)   13:30ー17:00



◎対象:高校生以上 ◎定員:20名  ◎参加料:無料

◎講師:柴川敏之 (美術家・就実短期大学教授)




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