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A solo exhibition at David Hall designed by British architect David Chipperfield. It is an installation titled "A Message from the 41 Century" with an image of an excavation site in 2000 years. It is composed of the work of SHIBAKAWA in the form of a plate in which familiar objects are fossilized, about 5,000 fireproof bricks, and scaffolds for construction sites. Visitors are guided to the final hall by the stairs in the building and the works of SHIBAKAWA scattered around the courtyard. In the hall, while walking on the scaffold, you can find the works of SHIBAKAWA in the form of plates under the scaffold, or climb up the tower made of the scaffold and look around the whole space, so you can experience the world 2000 years later while exploring the excavation site.


◎日時:1999年4月25日(土)ー5月5日 (祝・水)


◎休館日:月曜日  ◎入園料:無料


Photo by SUEMASA Mareo



Solo Exhibition

HOUR OF ART vol.6 

SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki Exhibition

|Message from the 41st Century 


美術の時間 vol.6 


DAVID HALL  (Okayama, Japan)

|デビットホール  (岡山)

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