John Muir School(Oregon, America)

|John Muir School(オレゴン、アメリカ)

We invite Toshiyuki Shibakawa, an artist who has been staring at modern society since the 41 century, and let's go back in time to the world 2000 years from now. In 2000 years time, something familiar (Stationery, mobile phones, etc.) may be discovered like a fossil. Think of the Earth 2000 years from now! (text: From the announcement)
Things to bring: Flat, familiar things

*The John Muir School, which focuses on arts and natural science education, is located in Ashland, Oregon. The gate and garden are handmade by parents and staff. There are 4 classes with 103 children enrolled. It is a unique school that actively conducts participatory experiential education that connects knowledge and experience, such as one day starting with the presentation of music and children's creative works at the school's morning meeting, and going out of school every Friday with everyone.

◎日時:2011年3月8日(火)  9:00ー15:00 
◎会場:John Muir School(アメリカ)
◎講師:柴川敏之 (美術家・就実短期大学教授)


photo by SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki