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Group Exhibition

VOCA 2005

The Vision of Contemporary Art



VOCA展 2005 


The Ueno Royal Museum (Tokyo, Japan)

上野の森美術館 (東京)

Photo by Mareo Suemasa

The VOCA exhibition asks curators, journalists and researchers from art museums around the country to recommend young artists under the age of 40, and each time the artists present their new flat works, they present their undiscovered and outstanding talents from all over the country. (text: flyers)
SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki will exhibit items excavated 2000 years later from Impressionist Monet's 'water lily' and artifacts from paintings by Renoir Gotho and Cezanne Picasso.

◎日時:2005年3月15日(火)ー30日(水)  10:00ー18:00



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