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Group Exhibition

Hiroshima Art Document 2002

the Exhibition of Contemporary Art



ヒロシマアートドキュメント 2002


The former Bank of Japan, Hiroshima Branch

(Hiroshima, Japan)

旧日本銀行広島支店 (広島)

Photo by SUEMASA Mareo

An exhibition held at the former Hiroshima Branch of the Bank of Japan (Design: NAGANO Uheiji + Bank of Japan Temporary Building Department), which is an atomic-bombed building in Hiroshima City. The curator of the exhibit, which has been held annually in Hiroshima since 1994, is ITO Yukiko. The ninth exhibition was held at the Hiroshima branch of the former Bank of Japan.
's work were installed in the courtyard on the first floor of the building and in three basement warehouses. On the 1st floor, there are works with images of tombs and railway tracks after 2000 years. Reeds and rice are fossilized on the surface of the work. The basement consists of a rectangular parallelepiped, and exhibits inspired by safes, wells, etc.


◎日時:2002年8月24日(土)ー9月7日(土)  11:00ー19:00




◎出品作家(全8名):Ange Leccia、Jean-Luc Vilmouth、Marti Anson、柴川敏之、他

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