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Group Exhibition


Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum, gallery G 

(Hiroshima, Japan)

広島県立美術館ギャラリーG  (広島)

The 10 th memorial exhibition was held as an art exhibition of the Hiroshima Art Society. The theme was "Absence of ontology". In Hiroshima, many things were lost due to the atomic bombing. Nevertheless, I think there is something that will remain with us. I hope the hibakusha relics lost by their owners still have a strong presence. In this exhibition, we will introduce the works of 15 artists, including members of the Hiroshima Art Society and 3 invited artists such as SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki, at 2 venues around the same time. Please visit this gallery whose theme is "absentee" which is unique to the author who has lived in Hiroshima and deepened his thoughts. (text: flyers)





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