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photo by SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki

"Okayama, where art is now" is a planned exhibition introducing modern art in Okayama. In this 10th commemorative exhibition, we will introduce the works of 10 artists related to Okayama Prefecture with the theme "Time.". the movement of the sun and stars that changes with the seasons. a bodily change resulting from the phases of the moon. A life that is born, grows, and ages. It is said that since ancient times, people perceive various changes as time. On the other hand, it seems that the first shape given to time was "Clock" such as a sundial or a clock. In addition, the appearance of characters made it possible to record time.
We, living in modern society, manage these things freely. Civilization was built on this measured "Time". It's time for the universe to keep moving in the same rhythm since its birth. But how you feel about the process will vary from time to time, place to place, and person to person. The exhibition will feature "shape of time" by 10 people. I hope that by meeting the various "times" that the writers have captured, you will be able to leave the measured and recorded time and think about the various "times" that exist within you. In addition, this exhibition will be held at Tenjinyama Culture Plaza, and then at Takahashi City Museum of History and Nagi Museum of Contemporary Art. (text: flyers)
SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki exhibits two new works and three university oil paintings.


岡山県天神山文化プラザ(岡山):  2014年11月5日(水)ー11月16日(日)   9:00ー18:00 
高梁市歴史美術館(岡山):  2014年11月22日(土)ー12月23日(火)   9:00ー17:00 
奈義町現代美術館(岡山):  2015年1月10日(土)ー2月8日(日)   9:30ー17:00 




Group Exhibition

The Present of Art : OKAYAMA 2014

Shape of Time




Tenjinyama Cultural plaza of Okayama Prefecture, Nagi Museum Of Contemporary Art(Okayama, Japan)




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