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2006/9/23ー10/7, 10/15ー22

Group Exhibition



The rhythm overlaps now.

Tama Art University (Tokyo, Japan) / Minatomirai Station (Yokohama, Japan)

多摩美術大学 (東京), みなとみらい駅 (横浜)

The annual exhibition of contemporary art has continued since 1984. Led by students of the Faculty of Art, Tama Art University, the museum voluntarily promotes selection of works for exhibition, meetings with exhibitors, writing catalogs with research content, and meetings. This time, we will focus on a total of seven contemporary artists, including ENDO Toshikatsu, AOKI Chie, and SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki. It will also produce a catalog that will include drawings and talks between the exhibition's director, EBIZUKA Koichi, and the artist. (text: flyers)


◎会場:多摩美術大学(東京), みなとみらい駅(横浜)



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