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Group Exhibition

Higashihiroshima Modern Art Program 2006|東広島現代美術プログラム2006

Akitsu DNA|安芸津DNA   

東広島市安芸津町三津 JR安芸津駅周辺 (広島)

Modern art works by 26 artists are on display at 28 locations in the historic Mitsu district of Akitsu-cho. The 1st "Higashihiroshima Modern Art Program" was held in 2003 in Takayamachi Shiraichi, and this time it was the 2nd. The title, "DNA" is intended to reaffirm the genetic appeal that connects the past and future of the city. (text: flyers)


◎日時:2006年9月16日(土)−10月1日(日) 9:00〜17:00
◎会場:東広島市安芸津町三津 JR安芸津駅周辺(広島)


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