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Group Exhibition


YOD Gallery (Osaka, Japan)

YOD Gallery (大阪)

"This time, the 10 year anniversary exhibition" "Ten" "will be held at the YOD Gallery.". "This exhibition is a group exhibition by 18 people who work in our gallery, and works with the theme of" "ten" "will be presented.". Each of us will read the ten symbolically or visually and present a new work based on free ideas.
Ten as a number is the number of human fingers, a number familiar to us when counting fingers. It may be a natural instinct of living things to feel that the number "ten," which consists of the body itself, is a fundamental number. For this reason, I felt that '10' was the starting point of celebration and planned this exhibition. Counting is the extension of cognition to the body, the expression of a human being who seeks to transcend matter while relying on the body as matter. This is also the essence of art, which uses matter to transcend matter.
Over the last 10 years, our gallery has watched the artists grow and continued to grow, inspired by their expressions. I would like to express my gratitude for the 10 years I have been working on and hope that you will be able to enjoy the artistic outlook of our gallery through this exhibition, which I hope will continue to hold for the next 10 years. Please take this opportunity to look around. (text: flyers.)


◎日時:2018年4月13日(金)ー5月12日(土) 12:00ー19:00
◎会場:YOD Gallery(大阪)

◎主催:YOD Gallery

◎内容:この度は、YOD Galleryにて10周年記念展『十』を開催いたします。本展は弊廊取り扱い18名によるグループ展で、『十』をテーマにした作品を発表いたします。各々が象徴的または視覚的に『十』を読み解き、自由な発想で展開した新作を発表いたします。


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