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PLANET ROOM - Let’s Create the 41st-Century Room!


Itami City Museum of Art (Hyogo, Japan)


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If daily necessities around us are discovered 2000 years later, how will people of the future react? There is a space that looks like an archaeological site 2000 years from now, and many excavated articles. If you look closely, they are not old, but only modern daily necessities. Welcome to the world 2000 years later, which is composed of the works created in the workshop and the works of Shibakawa! (text: flyers)


◎日時:2007年8月10日(金)・11日(土) 13:30〜16:00


◎対象:小学生 ◎定員:各回30名  ◎参加料:無料



photo by SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki

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◎休館日:月曜日  ◎入館料:無料




Workshop Exhibition

PLANET ROOM|2000年後の美術館

Itami City Museum of Art 


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