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In 1966, SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki was born in Osaka Prefecture on the anniversary of Alberto Giacometti's death (1966.1. 11).  In 1980, he moved to Hiroshima City, and since his school days, he himself made paints and created paintings in the motif of the exposed buildings. In 1993, he moved to Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, and was inspired by the Pompei ruins in Italy and the Kusado-sengen-cho ruins in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, where he began to create works under the theme of "Modern society unearthed 2000 years later". In 1997, he stayed in Italy as an overseas researcher of the Ministry of Education, and studied fresco paintings and the ruins of Pompeii. He has lived in Okayama City since 2010. He is currently a professor at Shujitsu Junior College and a visiting professor at Hiroshima University Graduate School.
At first, he developed an installation of "Excavation site 2000 years later" and recently produced (fossil) type artifacts excavated from there. They not only exhibit individual works but also exhibit various things (Archaeological materials, works of art, antiques, relics, goods, etc.) in collaboration. They hold exhibitions and projects that focus on the region and place such as museums in Japan and overseas, historical buildings and shopping streets. At the same time, they hold workshops for a wide range of people, and continue their activities to reexamine the existence of things and contemporary problems.


1966  Born in Osaka on January 11, the very day ALBERTO GIACOMETTI died. 
        (Hometown is in Kagawa)  Lives and works in Okayama.
1991  Completed the Master's Course (MFA) at Hiroshima University, Japan
1993  Lecturer at Fukuyama City Junior College for Women
        (2000~Assistant Professor, 2007~ Associate Professor)
1993  Visited the ruins of Kusadosengen (Hiroshima) for the first time and 
          begun creating artworks with the theme: 2000 years in the future.
1997  Studied in Milan, Italy as a visiting researcher, funded by the Ministry of Education
2002  Visited Berlin and London (received Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research, Young Scientists(B) from
          the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) 
2006  Energia Art Merit Prize, Energia Culture and Sports Foundation
2009  Cultural Encouragement Prize of Hiroshima Prefecture, Cultural Foundation of Hiroshima Credit Unions
2010  Associate Professor at Shujitsu Junior College

Solo Exhibitions & Art Projects (selected)


2017  “Kurashiki Excavation Museum 2000 Years Later,”  Center For Archaeological operations Kurashiki (Okayama, Japan)
2015  “PLANET MUSEUM|SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki Exhibition,”  Taipei World Trade Center(Taiwan) *ART TAIPEI 2015|Public Program

2014  “PLANET PYRAMID|SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki Exhibition,”  KYUSHU GEIBUN-KAN(Fukuoka, Japan) *ちくごアートファーム計画 
2013  “PLANET TACTILE|SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki Exhibition,”  Kawasaki City Museum (Kanagawa, Japan) 
2013  “SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki × Tentoumushi Project|PLANET SCHOOL,”  Kyoto Art Center(Kyoto, Japan)|| 
2012  “PLANET SCROLL|SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki Exhibition,”  Akiyoshidai International Art Village (Yamaguchi, Japan) |
2010  “大原美術館の80歳をお祝いしよう! プロジェクト,”  Ohara Museum of Art  (Okayama, Japan)   
2010  “PLANET ANTIQUES,”  YOD Gallery (Osaka, Japan)
2009  “MAWASHI PROJECT,”  Towada Arts Center & Stores of Shopping Arcade in Towada City (Aomori, Japan) 

          *“SUMOAURA” Exhibition |
2009  “SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki: “PLANET WALL,”  a piece of space APS (Tokyo, Japan)
2008  “The Future Ruins of the 41st Century:The Sannai Museum,”  Aomori Museum of Art : 
Art Among the Sannai Maruyama Ruins Operations / Aomori Museum of Art to Sannnai Maruyama Ruins(Aomori, Japan).|
2008    “41st-Century Art Museum☆Project|800km from Muroto Point to Cape Ashizuri 
           The Museum of Art. Kochi in the 41st Century: Ever Expanding Operations,” 
           The Museum of Art (Kochi, Japan)   *The Museum’s Special Summer Vacation
2007  “TRAVELER:Welcome to the PLANET MUSEUM,”  Kyoto University of Art and Design(Kyoto, Japan)
2007  “PLANET CAPSULE:Time Capsule in the 41st Century|What if your mobile phone is excavated in the 
           future…?,”  Tsuruoka Art Forum(Yamagata, Japan)||   
2006  “PLANET STREET:The Station, Town and Art Museum Excavated 2000 years in the Future,” 
           Sakura City Museum of Art; SAKAE-cho; and Keisei SAKURA station(Chiba, Japan)|| 
2006  "Pieces of Time: Museum in the 41st Century – The Whereabouts of the Joumon and Modern Era,”   
           TATSUNO Museum(Nagano, Japan)
2006  "Dragon Road - The Whereabouts of Dragons in the 41st Century,”  Senkoji Temple mountain trail, Onomichi 
           shopping center, and elementary schools in Onomichi (Hiroshima, Japan)|
2006  "APS Series: “a piece of work” - #07 SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki: “PLANET PIECES,”  a piece of space APS, Kobo 
           Kaidanshita, and other places inside the building (Tokyo, Japan)
2005  "PLANET MUSEUM OF ART / TWO ROOMS,”  Nagi Museum Of Contemporary Art (Okayama, Japan) |
2004    "ART NETWORK|PLANET MUSEUM OF ART / ONE ROOM,”  Fukuyama Art Museum (Hiroshima, Japan) 
2004  "PLANET MUSEUM / ONE ROOM,”  MSSOHKAN, Kobe (Hyogo, Japan)
2003  "Adventure to PLANET MUSEUM,”  Hiroshima Prefecture Museum of History (Hiroshima, Japan)|
2001  "Today's Artist|"PLANET CIRCLE,”  Osaka Contemporary Art Center (Osaka, Japan)
1999  "PLANET GARDEN,”  Shibuya Museum (Hiroshima, Japan)
1999  "Message from the 41st Century,”  DAVID HALL (Okayama, Japan)
1995   L’ESPOIR exhibition|SHIBAKAWA Toshiyuki Exhibition,”  Ginza Surugadai Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)


Group Exhibitions (selected)


2018  “MOMAW Summer Museum Project #8 TIME TRAVEL,”  the Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama (Wakayama, Japan)
2018  “10 year anniversary exhibition『十』,”  YOD Gallery (Osaka, Japan)
2017  “Time and space art travelers from Kobe,”  BB Plaza Museum of Art (Kobe, Japan)
2017  “Absence of ontology,”  Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum|gallery G (Hiroshima, Japan)
2016  “岡崎和郎×柴川敏之,”  Kurashiki City Art Museum (Okayama, Japan)
2016  “Three hot springs of Mimasaka Art temperature,”  KATSRAGI, DOT Cafe (Okayama, Japan)

2015  “Art of Memory 記憶をめぐる4つのレシピ,”  Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art(Fukuoka, Japan) 
2014  “The Present of Art :  OKAYAMA 2014|Shape of Time,” 
           Tenjinyama Cultural Plaza, 高梁市歴史美術館, Nagi Museum Of Contemporary Art (Okayama, Japan)
2014  "ART TAIPEI 2014,”  Regent Taipei(Taiwan)
2014  "ART OSAKA 2012,”  Hotel Granvia Osaka (Osaka)(同:2013, 2012, 2011, 2010) 
2014  “Young Art Taipei 2014,”  Regent Taipei(Taiwan) 
2014  “Affordable Art Fair Brussels,”  Tour & Taxis(Belgium) 
2014  “Collection Gilles Balmet,”  ÉSAD de Grenoble(France)
           / Gallery Tengu Square (Hiroshima, Japan) *Art Arch Hiroshima 2013  サテライト企画
2013  "Welcome to Tomo! Let’s play here in the paradise,”  Tomonotsu Museum (Hiroshima, Japan)
2012  "Waiting for the First Train,”  Tokyo Station Gallery (Tokyo, Japan)
2012  “The Okayama Art Corridor "Connecting Scenery”,”  Okayama Korakuen (Okayama, Japan) |
2012  "T-ART in Taichung 2012,”  Evergreen Laurel Hotel Taichung(Taiwan)
2012  "Spoon Art Fair,”  Grand Hyatt Hong Kong(Hong Kong)
2011  "Summer Museum for Kids and Grown-ups: Traversing the Times, Places and Attributes of People described in Art,” 
           大阪市立近代美術館(仮称)心斎橋展示室 (Osaka, Japan)
2011  "YOUNG ART TAIPEI 2011,”  Sunworld Dynasty Hotel(Taiwan)
2010  "Emerging Directors Art Fair ULTRA 003,”  Spiral Garden (Tokyo, Japan)
2010  "ART GWANGJU 2010,”  KDJ Convention Center(Korea)
2009  "SUMOAURA,”  Towada Art Center (Aomori, Japan) |
2008  "TAMA VIVANTⅡ 2008, “The Seeds of Image,”  Tama Art University (Tokyo, Japan)  / Minatomirai Station (Yokohama, Japan)
2007  "Toys from the Present to the Future,”  Sasayama Children’s Museum (Hyogo, Japan)
2007  "Palette Memory ~Japanese Modern Painters,”  Tsuruoka Art Forum (Yamagata, Japan)
2006  "TAMA VIVANT 2006,”  Tama Art University (Tokyo) / Minatomirai Station (Yokohama, Japan)

2006  "Akitsu DNA: Higashihiroshima Modern Art Program 2006,”  東広島市安芸津町三津 JR安芸津駅周辺 (広島)
2006  "Art in Fukujyukaikan,”  Fukujyukaikan, (Hiroshima) *Directed by Fukuyama Art Museum (Hiroshima, Japan)
2006  "The World of Art Extending from the Impressionists,”  Hamada Children’s Museum of Art (Shimane, Japan)
2006  "Touch and Enjoy Contemporary Art Exhibition,”  Hamada Children’s Museum of Art (Shimane, Japan)
2006  "Contemporary Forms - Life & Art - : The Forms of Intoxication,”  Higashi-hiroshima City Museum of Art  (Hiroshima, Japan)
2005  "ARTOM60 - the contemporary art exhibition for the 60th anniversary of the atomic bomb,” 
           / The former Bank of Japan, Hiroshima Branch (Hiroshima, Japan)
2005  "VOCA 2005 - The Vision of Contemporary Art,”  The Ueno Royal Museum (Tokyo, Japan)
2002  "Hiroshima Art Document 2002,”  The former Bank of Japan, Hiroshima Branch (Hiroshima, Japan)
2000  "Touching and Feeling - Modern Art Exhibition,”  Kaita Town Museum of History and Folklore (Hiroshima, Japan)
2000  "The Land of Dragon: Onomichi: The Symbol and Forms,”  Onomichi City Museum (Hiroshima, Japan)
1999  "Contemporary Artist’s View – Crossover 10,”  Okayama Synthetic Culture Center (Okayama, Japan)
1994  "The Asia and Hiroshima Art Grand Prix Awards,”  The Chugoku Electric power Co., Inc. (Hiroshima, Japan) 
          *Awarded the Excellent Prize
1994  "The 11th Contemporary Painting Exhibition of Japan,”  Ube City Culture Hall (Yamaguchi, Japan) *Awarded the Second Prize

Workshops (selected)


2015  2000年後の☆プロジェクト〜2000年後の人へ絵手紙を送ろう!,”  KYUSHU GEIBUN-KAN(Fukuoka, Japan)
2015  2000年後の化石を作ろう!,”  KYUSHU GEIBUN-KAN(Fukuoka, Japan)
2014  2000年後の筑後を発掘しよう!,”  KYUSHU GEIBUN-KAN、福岡県立筑後特別支援学校(Fukuoka, Japan)
2014  2000年後へタイムスリップ!?  「いま」のモノを化石にしよう!,” 
          Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art(Fukuoka, Japan) 
2013  紙で作ろう!2000年後のステンドグラス,”  Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art(Fukuoka, Japan) 
2013  2000年後のひろしまを発掘しよう!,”  広島県立美術館 (Hiroshima, Japan) 
          *アート・アーチ・ひろしま 2013 サテライト企画
2013  2000年後の愉快なお茶会,”  Tomonotsu Museum (Hiroshima, Japan)
2013  2000年後の今を発掘しよう!,”  Kawasaki City Museum、川崎市立田島養護学校 (Kanagawa, Japan) 
2012  Let’s Create the 41st-Century Stained Glass!,”  Kyoto Art Center(Kyoto, Japan)
2012  2000年後の後楽園を発掘しよう!,”  岡山後楽園 (Okayama, Japan) *岡山芸術回廊
2012  電車に乗ってタイムスリップ !? 2000年後の紙の化石を作ろう!,”  青梅鉄道公園 (Tokyo, Japan) 
2012  2000年後の化石を発掘しよう!,”  秋吉台国際芸術村 (Yamaguchi, Japan) 
2011  2000年後の“いま”を発掘しよう!,”  大阪市立近代美術館(仮称)心斎橋展示室  (Osaka, Japan)
2011  2000年後の化石を作ろう!,”  John Muir School(U.S.A) 
2010  Let’s Create the 41st-Century lamp!,”  Ohara Museum of Art、倉敷市立倉敷西小学校、若竹の園  (Okayama, Japan)
2010  今橋の龍でランプをつくろう!,”  Ohara Museum of Art  (Okayama)   *チルドレンズ☆アート☆ミュージアム
2010  2000年後のおみくじをつくろう!,”  Onomichi City Museum (Hiroshima, Japan) 
          *青森県立美術館コレクションIdol3 棟方志功+成田亨+奈良美智展
2010  2000年後の化石をつくろう!,”  広島大学附属中学校 (Hiroshima, Japan) *芸術家派遣研究授業 
2009  "Let’s Make the 41st Century Ecobag! in Tatsuno,”  Tatsuno Museum (Nagano, Japan) 
          *“Artful Fate in Honor of Ebisu”: Aid for Local Vitalization in Nagano Prefecture 2009
2009  "Fossils of the 41st-Century Sound,”  Arakawa Ward Ogumiyamae Elementary School (Tokyo, Japan) 
          *Project for Dispatching Artists to School
2009  "Let’s Make the 41st-Century Jomon-Style Pochette!,”  Jomon Jiyukan (Aomori, Japan) 
          *Promoting Project for Regional Vitalization Utilizing the 
           Ruins of Jomon Era Operated by Aomori Prefecture Planning and Management Office
2009  “Let’s Create Parent-Kid☆the 41st-Century Encyclopedia of Fossils,”   
           WOODONE Museum of Art (Hiroshima, Japan) 
2008  “Let’s Make an Ecobag of the 41st-Century Dragon!,”   
           Onomichi City Museum of Art and the Onomichi District Shopping Arcade (Hiroshima, Japan)
2008  "Create the 41st-Century Wall Painting☆Challenging Picasso!,”  Kure City Museum of Art (Hiroshima, Japan) 

          *PICASSO Exhibition
2007  "Create the 41st-Century Museum!,”  Former Nanatsuume Sake Brewery, Fukaya-city (Saitama, Japan)  
          *Fukaya ONSEN Project 2007: Let’s Play in Fukaya!
2007  "PLANET ROOM - Let’s Create the 41st-Century Room!,”  Itami City Museum of Art (Hyogo, Japan) 
          *Summer Vacation Program “Children and Art” |
2007  "PLANET GLASS - Let’s Create the 41st-Century Stained Glass!,”  – Collaboration Works of Kids, 
           Kenzo Tange’s Architecture and An Artist Toshiyuki Shibakawa,”  Kurashiki City Art Museum (Okayama, Japan) 
          *KCAM Education and Public Outreach Project: Interactive Art Lesson 07’
2006  “Workshop to the 41st Century: Let's Rub Out the Joumon Period and the Today onto Paper!,”   
           Tatsuno Museum (Nagano, Japan)   *“Adventure School” Project
2006  “PLANET OROCHI - Let’s Create the 41st-Century Eight-Headed,”   
           Hamada Children’s Museum of Art (Shimane, Japan) *Kids Museum Festival
2005  “Rubbing the Future School onto Paper!,”  Nishigahara Elementary School (Tokyo, Japan)  
          *NISHIGAHARA ZUKOU(Art) SCHOOL Challenge Program
2005  “Create Future Landscapes!!,”  Marugame Genichiro - Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art (Kagawa,            
          *“FUKEI YUHO:sight-cruising” Exhibition
2003  “Create Prints of Today! : Challenging Miro,”  Nariwa Art Museum (Okayama, Japan) 
          *The Charm of Prints: Seven Maestros 〜 from Goya to Miro
2003  "Create Prints of Today! : Challenging Shiko Munakata,”  Hiroshima Art Museum (Hiroshima, Japan) 
          *The 100th Anniversary of the birth of Shiko Munakata Exhibition



Miscellaneous Projects (selected)


2014  クロストーク「ちくごアートファーム計画~筑後の風土と芸術文化~|八女の古墳群と芸術文化」,”   
          KYUSHU GEIBUN-KAN(Fukuoka, Japan)
2013  明倫茶会「2000年後の発掘☆茶会」,”  Kyoto Art Center(Kyoto, Japan) 
2009  Lecture: “2000年後のアートプロジェクト」,”  Southern Oregon University(U.S.A) 
2009  Lecture: “The Projects for the 41st Century Museum 〜 Activation of Museum in Collaboration with Contemporary 
          Art〜,”  The Hokkaido University Museum (Hokkaido, Japan)
2009  Lecture: “Art Project Imagining the World of The 41st Century,”  Tokyo Denki University (Saitama, Japan)
2008  Symposium: “The Whereabouts of The Town in the 41st Century 〜 Art Project Utilizing Local Culture 〜,” 
          Tatsuno Museum (Nagano, Japan)
2008  Gallery Talk: “Welcome to 41st Century Fukuyama Art Museum!,”  Fukuyama Art Museum (Hiroshima, Japan)  
          *The 20th Anniversary of Fukuyama Art Museum:“Japan and Europe in the 20th Century” Exhibition
2007  Gallery Talk: “The Whereabouts of the Paintings in the 41st Century,”  Hiroshima Art Museum, (Hiroshima, Japan) 
          *Japanese Modern Paintings of Western Style from Hiroshima Museum of Art and Yamaoka Collection
2006  Lecture: “The Present-Day Fossils Excavated in the 41st Century,”  Tama Art University (Tokyo, Japan)
2006  Film “Chanko,”  Assisted with the scenario, art direction, film title logo design; appeared in the film, 
          which was held at Shinjuku TOA and other theaters throughout Japan. Also shown in Cannes Film Festival, 
          Berlin Film Festival and other film festivals overseas.  *Produced by DREAMONE film company.|
2006  Open Studio: “Welcome to My 41st-Century Art Supplies Shop!,”  Hamada Children’s Museum of Art (Shimane) 
          *Touch and Enjoy Contemporary Art Exhibition
2006  Lecture: “Experience ☆ Museum Workshop,”  Fukuyama Art Museum (Hiroshima, Japan) 
          *Art Museum Network Training Institute of Hiroshima Prefecture
2005    Published the documentary catalog “41st-Century Adventure Museum.” 
        ( received grant from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology )