This movie is based on the true story of the Hiroshima University Sumo Club, which was created by Shibakawa. The actor Atsuro Watanabe plays the role of Shibakawa as "Toshiyuki Matsukawa" and Shibakawa also appears as an opponent in a mawashi costume. Not only sumo, but also a location at the Hiroshima Museum of Art and Van Gogh's "The Garden of Dauvigny" will be introduced.
*2007 Cannes film, Berlin film festival, Deauville film festival, etc.



Middle school art textbook

'Art I | Meeting art'



Nihon Bunkyou Shuppan Co., Ltd. 



◎内容:2012年4月から使用される新版教科書(日本文教出版)に、2000年後に発掘された招き猫の化石作品が紹介されています。「世界の広がり・歴史の奥行き 残された造形」の章で、アルタミラやラスコーの壁画や縄文土器と共に登場し、紙面上(pp.34-35)でコラボレーションされています。掲載作品は、『青森県立美術館アートイン三内丸山遺跡プロジェクト|柴川敏之|2000年後の未来遺跡|三内まるごとミュージアム』のポスターになった『出現Ⅱ.40040925(2000年後に三内丸山遺跡で発掘されたまねき猫の出土品)』です。

Published by Nihon Bunkyo Shuppan Co., Ltd.

Content:Fossils of maneki neko excavated 2012 years later are introduced in (Nihon Bunkyo Shuppan) a new textbook used from April 2000. In the chapter of "Shaping that retains the depth of the world and history", it appears with mural paintings of Altamira and Rascaux and Jomon pottery and is collaborated on the paper (pp. 34 -35). The published work is 'Appearance II. 40040925 (The artifacts of Manekineko that were excavated at the Sannai-Maruyama site 2000 years later)' which became a poster of 'Aomori Prefectural Art Museum Art Inn Sannai Maruyama Ruins Project | Shibakawa Toshiyuki | Mirai Ruins 2000 Years Later | Sannai Marugoto Museum'.